1995 System Cases

In February 1995 the company System Cases was registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce by Mr. J. Odekerken. The intention was to act as an exclusive agent for various Polish producers. This was a hit, and high profile customers such as Black & Decker, Metabo, Rems and many others were acquired.

The main components of the production were sheet metal tool boxes and machine cases. In 2001 Odekerken junior joined the team, which brought the number of employees to three. Turnover was then divided into 75% boxes and suitcases and 25% racking kits for commercial vehicles.

2001 The great shift

Around 2001, a major shift in the market took place. Machine cases were massively replaced by plastic cases and the toolboxes were replaced by products from, among others, Stanley with a combination of plastic and steel. As a result, System Cases was forced to reposition and started focussing on racking kits. The company then started to receive interest from dealer all over Europe.

A stumbling block for the further development of the racking kits has been the inflexibility of the Polish producer. A thing as simple as changing a color took the supplier 3 years at some point. This problem was solved when in 2008 senior and junior were able to buy a majority stake from one of the suppliers. After a few years of production, it was decided in 2010 that production of the racking kits would be modernized.

2007 Van Care bv

Junior had taken over System Cases in 2007 and it was then decided to set up a new company with the aim of further conquering the market with the new system. The new company was dubbed Van Care ltd and counted 4 employees. In 2012 a property was bought and the entire production was moved to this location. This caused some start-up problems at first, but eventually everything worked out for the best and a second line (X line) was launched.

Curious about the possibilities at Van Care?

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