Pro B-Line

Pro B-Line

This line provides a solid basis for an efficiently organized vehicle. The B-line is seen as the baseline in the field of Van Racking Kits.


Durable and lightweight materials

The line is more affordable than our M-line, but with the same durability and functional capabilities. Thanks to the innovative design and the use of various high-quality materials, this system is an ideal installation system predominantly designed for Small & Medium Vans.

The various parts are made of high-quality steel and are finished with a powder coating layer. Thanks to the type of steel used, this line is a very durable product line. The products are neatly finished for a sleek appearance.


Individual customization is highly valued at Van Care. The assembly of our products into complete modules is core to our business, partly thanks to our 3D presentation program. This gives you the opportunity to realize all possible variations of assembly.

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